Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Little Reminder

I bought this cute keychain from a gift store in Hokkaido. It cost quite a lot, 800 yen to be exact.. Normally I wouldn't spend such a large amount for a keychain, but I have so many fond memories of Hokkaido that I really wanted to get something equally as wonderful to bring with me. And I absolutely love that it's made of wood (I looove wood). I guess it's kind of symbolic of Hokkaido? Lots of trees, amazing, and expensive, ha ha!

By the way I'm having some trouble uploading photos to Blogger. For some reason, my photos desaturate when I open them on my editor. Would anyone know how to fix this? :<


  1. This happened to me too the other day trying to use Photoshop, something in the colour profile settings was wrong. What program are you using? x Sushi

  2. That's super super adorable, I would have dropped yen for that too <3

  3. #nyaaa cute kitsune!!! it's the Hokkaidou fox! I love things made out of wood too :)

  4. How adorable! Wood is amazing.