Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hong Kong Photo Diary Part I

One of the stores my mama and I visited is called L.A.M.B., and I was so happy to see all the fur coats, cute dresses and scarves. Can't really wear them in the Philippines, though. SO I TOOK PICTURES INSTEAD (furtively).

My boyfriend granted me permission to take Totoro along. (Yay!) I was taking pictures of Totoro in a restaurant when the waiter came over, said something in Chinese and laughed. Based on his facial expression, I think he meant to say something along the lines of "what a funny girl, taking pictures of her stuffed toy." I hope.

Most of these photos were taken on my first and second day (and night) in Hong Kong. I'm glad that my family and I finally decided to have a leisurely vacation. My mother, being the semi-ADHD and workaholic she is, usually cannot stand doing nothing for a long time. During our family trips, she likes to walk miles on end, until our feet are bleeding internally. She could probably shop until her feet bleed, really. Then again, so could I. What are large-sized feet for anyway, right? Aside from stomping on things. 

I regret not buying that FUNKY FUNKY jacket, but by the time I had reached that store, I had already purchased a number of thick pieces of clothing that probably won't be used until I travel again. Of course, if I am lucky, the weather during Christmas will be cold enough to wear them? I could also put the air conditioner on full blast. Or go to the movies looking like a pimp (with mah furry goodz).

More photos to come!