Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I want to hibernate like the trees.

If only life permitted me to do what I want. All I really want to do is draw, take pictures, paint, BLOG, but I feel like I can't. For some reason, time is passing by much more quickly, and I can't seem to find a moment of peace. Not to mention I have a glut of work to do in school. There always seems to be a test I have to study for, a paper due, a project to be done. And if I do have some time to myself, there is always the sound of a clock ticking at the back of my mind. I end up wasting my time being unproductive. Thinking of work is such a turn off. I want to rest.

Just a little preview of my Rilakkuma photo collection~

By the by, I am starting to get worried about how the Internets is becoming so irresponsible with copyright and stuff. I don't want my Rilakkuma pictures to be stolen! My preciousssss. I am considering adding a watermark to my unprofessional photographs. Weheartit is great and all, but I don't appreciate not being credited for pictures I've taken.


  1. bahahaha I think I need to hibernate too;) noce blog. Mind to visit&follow mine?

    Eka Theresia