Sunday, February 19, 2012

Afternoon Chocolate

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekend, because it's time to get our butts back to work.

Just loafing around my room with my camera, having myself a nice cup of hot chocolate, complete with some tiny, rainbow-colored marshmallows! And the second photo is of my current lip balm. I've seen it featured on several Japanese magazines and thought I should try it out. It tastes like sunscreen.

Anyway, I should be getting back to studying for my math test tomorrow. Wish me luck, I am in dire need of it.


  1. Those marshmallows look so good! I've never seen multicoloured ones before O_o

    And I wanted to try Baby Lips too, even if just for the awesome packaging...but I've been spoiled by Lipsmackers and their yummy flavours :<

  2. wha wha whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! that looks so good! and i have the same lip chap! :D