Friday, February 3, 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland Part II

A continuation of my Hong Kong Disneyland trip from my second photo diary~

It wasn't quite sunny that day, which was good because I could walk around the park without sweating like a dog's arm pit but bad because this picture would have turned out so much better if the sky wasn't grey.

The teacup ride looks so enchanting, doesn't it? It's like a festival in there.

Look how lovely this rainbow bokeh is! It's from my favorite ride..

Autopia. My poor nephew threw a fit when it started drizzling. He and his mom (my eldest sister) had to get his raincoat, but the usher wouldn't allow them to get back into their position in the line if they left. And he'd been waiting for an hour in line! Luckily, a kinder usher replaced that crap-face when they got back, and allowed him to enjoy the ride without another hour's wait.

Halloween-themed Mickey Mouse merchandise and decorations. Disneyland always has such great displays. I would have loved to see it during Christmas time too!

The scent of caramel and chocolate-flavored popcorn is enticing. Your nose can smell it from a few yards away. Couldn't resist buying myself a tumbler!

Why yes, I do have freakishly large hands. And no, I was not able to purchase that Stitch-be-bitin'-ma-head hat. I regret that decision to this day . . .


  1. great photographs dear <3
    yummy popcorn :D

  2. So cool, i wanna go someday!
    Awesome pictures x

  3. it's my dreamland. I like how you edit photos, i checked your older posts and i like them, i'm gonna follow you ;)

  4. You have large hands? :D not at all. And your pictures are brathtaking :)

  5. Amazing shots. How do you edit your photos? Love your blog.

    Kisses from Norwegian model, blogger and student

  6. I have only been to the Paris Disneyland, but I wish to visit a Disneyland in some other country! the pictures are so pretty. wish I could go there right now! :)

  7. Your pictures are SO beautifully edited! I've only been to the Disneyland in LA, but I want to go to the one in Paris and the one in Orlando, and now, the one in Hong Kong!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  8. Awesome pictures! What camera do you use?