Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Been Three Long Years, Do You Still Love Me?

Last August 19, my boyfriend and I celebrated a milestone in our relationship: it was our three-year anniversary! Sadly, we weren't able to spend it together, but he wanted to at least show to me what he had prepared for me. That night, he posted a sweet message and a couple of photos of his gift on Facebook (we're not usually as cheesy and lovey-dovey in public though, ha ha). And after a few days, I was finally able to see my present and bring it home! It is perhaps the sweetest gift I've ever received.

During one of our car rides going home together, we heard this nice, old-fashioned song playing on the radio. We listened to it together, teary-eyed towards the end because we were so moved by how sweet and beautiful the story of the song was. It was the inspiration for this gift. Thank you, Andre, for all the excruciating pain you endured tying a hundred yellow ribbons 'round the triangulares plant.


  1. Hahahaha, awww! That is so nice and cute!! Congratulations !!

  2. That's so adorable! Congrats on the 3 year anniversary!

    Xo, Imke

  3. That is so sweet <3 Congrats! :D

  4. Aw, how very cute, must have taken him ages to tie on all the ribbons! I love this song too :)

    1. Yeah, he took about 8 hours to tie all those tiny ribbons! Ha ha. I'm happy you like it, it's really such a sweet song! :]

  5. beautiful photos and such a sweet gift! Wishing you two many more together :)