Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweet Home

A place where I feel content, where I am happy, where my soul needs nothing more and nothing less, where my troubles vanish, where I am completely at peace. I love the bucolic areas of Japan, even more so when everything is covered in snow. Everything was so simple; it felt as though I had found equilibrium.

I took these pictures in the Dried Flower House of Farm Tomita. There was a little cafe where they sold lavender-flavored ice cream. It's a bit strange to be eating ice cream when the weather outside is ice-cold, but it was absolutely divine. The taste was sweet and tangy, but very light. Eating and tasting soft-served ice cream in Japan is a must, there are so many favors to try! There was also a gift shop that sold goods made with the lavender produced by the farm, like lotion, perfume, and soap. And lastly, the dried flower house, of course! I have no decent photos of it, sadly. It was a giant, wooden room with bouquets of dried flowers in an array of colors, dangling from th ceiling, covering the walls, doors---everywhere! In just a few steps, you can go from winter wonderland to an autumnal haven. Oh Hokkaido, my sweet home.


  1. Oh wow, this place looks gorgeous. The soft serve looks suspiciously perfect.

  2. this place is magical.
    you captured it beautifully.