Monday, May 21, 2012

My Favorite Place

First order of business upon landing at the airport: stock up on Lipton Milk Tea at Lawson, my water for the trip.

My family and I ate at this cozy hotpot restaurant, where we had ourselves some seafood hotpot. The place was completely barren; there was only one other table occupied. Two if you count one of the staff handling some papers. Snow began to fall heavily while we ate, what a great way to start the trip! My restless nephew kept himself busy while waiting for everyone else to finish their meal. Afterwards, we bought ourselves some soft-served ice cream. Blueberry for me.

Traditional Japanese toilets, nyehe. How ominous looking.

As a travel agent, my mom organized the trip as part family vacation and part familiarization trip. A lot of time was spent inside a bus as we moved from one area to the next. Sometimes it would take up to three hours to get to the next destination, but I don't think I slept once on that bus. The snow kept me busy. There were times I'd stick my camera out of the window to take a photo of the scenery and pull back quickly as if I were shooting bullets at some zombies, then quickly hiding to reload. Although in reality, I was hiding to prevent frostbite. I'd love to open my window and feel the icy breeze on my face. You can't get that in the Philippines. I was like a dog sticking its head out the window, but that didn't matter. It did not matter at all.


  1. really lovely photos. it must be helpful to have a mother who is a travel agent!! and the traditional toilets in korea are exactly the same. i had to use them once when i was in korea and it was not a very pleasant experience! :( haha. anyway the picture of that soup here: looks SOOO amazing. thanks for sharing your lovely photos. just wondering what you shoot with to take your photos as well.

    xx rae

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  2. I am very envious of you right now. ;( Going to Japan is a dream of mine.. Ah well, I hope your trip was lovely and to hear more about it soon! :)

    xx Micayla

  3. Oh what amazing pictures! I love the grain in it too, what camera did you use?!
    That ice-cream looks so good too, ohhhh I'm really looking forward to eating some of my first ice-cream of the year!

    It seems like you had a great time in Hokkaido! :D

  4. Wonderful photos!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  5. I've always wanted to go to Hokkaido ;u; Bah. I miss Japan. And haha, I remember the first time I ever went to Japan and saw those toilets. I was so weirded out I refused to pee at all. XD (This is Erika btw. Haha)