Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pusheen, Pusheen to the Limit, Limit

Once again, I have neglected my blog due to a lot of crap I have to do for school. Sigh, it's actually already the start of my semestral break, and by that I mean all my class have ended. However, finals happen during the start of the break, so I have to spend practically half of my break studying for tests, and taking them, fretting about failing and doing really badly in all my classes.

On another note, le boyfriend finally gave me his late anniversary gifts! I'm so happy (thank you Ander ;__;), especially with Pusheen, the fat cat plushie~ I believe it's a fair exchange for the three Totoros. He also got me the earrings shown on the photos (right beside my pimples). These photos were taken at the mall. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was having an event with the release of their new espresso machine. It's so cute! I wish I could get one, though I am not willing to spend fourteen thousand bucks on it. Oh well, more green tea lattes it is!

P.S. The title of the post is a reference to that High School Musical song with the basketball players and the pushing to the limit, you know?
P.P.S. First post on my new(?) blog!
P.P.S.S. Can you tell why my blog name is now The Red Beret Girl?


  1. Aww so cute, what a lovely gift! I saw one just like that on Modcloth that I was considering buying but I already have three tare pandas, which take up a lot of room in my small apartment! x Sushi

  2. Love your pictures!
    Sara xoxo